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Race to the Mahaut by-election

The representative for the Mahaut Constituency, is Julian Provest of the United Workers Party, UWP,......The final count for UWP 1404, Johnson Boston of the Dominica Freedom Party, DFP, 1288, and Roy Shillingford of the Dominica Labour Party, DLP, 381.

By-election Commentary, A view from CaKaFete News

Votes in the Constituency of Mahaut, now have only two more days before going to the poles to elect their new representative. Election day is Monday 12 August, 1996 from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

There are no knew issues in the campaign, say most voters and political observers. Therefore, the five thousand one hundred and seventy-four elected registered votes expected to vote, will have to use their good judgement when they visit the poles Monday.

The Dominica Freedom Party, DFP, candidate Johnson Boston "Bosso" is relying on the work of the DFP during their three term in government, from July 1980 to June 1995, when the party lost the election to the United Workers Party, UWP. For the Dominica Labour Party, DLP, their candidate Roy Shillingford, will be facing an up hill battle since he got just over 800 votes in the 1995 general elections. Julian Prevost of the UWP, is running his campaign on recently done projects by his party's government in some parts of that constituency just prior to the by-election.

The DFP is now on the political platforms at there meetings calling the ruling party 'murders, thieves and traitors'. They say while the banana price is falling in England, Prime Minister James was in Atlanta at the Olympics on tax payers money having fun. At one DFP meeting in the Canefield area, Political Leader of the DFP Charles Savarin, told his gathering of supporters that their children who sat the Common Entrance this year at the Massacre School, were segregated against by the UWP Government, and for, that, they should not vote the UWP candidate in the Mahaut by-election. The Freedom party is also using the recently introduced user fees at the Princess Margaret Hospital, to remind votes of the UWP mischievous doing against to people of Dominica. They blame the users fee for the death of two young women over the last two weeks, that they say were refused medical attention because the patients did not have the money to pay.

The Labour Party issues in their campaign cannot be said to be new. One listening to their meetings can easily say its the same from the 1995 campaign carried into this campaign. Their saying is, UWP cannot run the country, and focuses on the banana industry. The party platform is also labelling the UWP leader for abusing tax payers money. In a campaign leaflet caption "Banana crisis deepens" states, * St. Lucia Prime Minister, Vaughan Lewis, expresses deep concern. * Opposition Leader, Rosie Douglas, goes on important lobbying in the UK and Brussels. * Dominica Prime Minister moo-moo and rushes off to the Olympic Games spending $US500 a day of tax payers money.

The DLP say recent reports out of Britain are that the banana market has flooded in the middle of the summer because of more banana arriving from neighbouring Guadeloupe and Martinique, also from Camaroons and the Ivory Coast with prices falling by 25 percent. The party say it has been warning since 1987 about the need for constant and united lobbing in Britain and Europe while government assists farmers to lift productivity and improve quality. The leaflet is accruing the UWP government of ignoring it's call and is ridiculed by the UWP leader Edison James on the summer price issue.

The DLP say it is time for emergency action to save the industry and the James regime is unable to lead this campaign. The party say that Labour has in the past and will again come to the rescue of Dominica, with the help of friends in the British and European Parliaments to stabilise the banana market and save the industry.

The UWP may have the advantage because of being in government. Since coming into office, they have seen the electrification of several areas in the Mahaut Constituency become a reality. Small villages which never had light for years, but was promised by the Freedom Party. Roads joining some of the villages in that constituency were cut, whether the roads are not yet pitched. A road was cut between Despo and Campbell and Warner to Tarreau. Dospor is one of the village recently electrified. The Prime Minister and his team visited the Senior Citizens Home in Mahaut and also performed the ritual of turning over soil at the site of the proposed Mahaut market at the Morne Georges Road. The ground breaking ceremony for construction of the Belfast bridge took place in the heat of the by-election campaign.

Julian Prevost, the UWP candidate, came close behind Brian Alleyne in the 1995 General Elections. He lost by a little over two hundred votes. However, his party is said to loose popularity because of the Johnson Jno Rose issue (a former popular announcer at DBS Radio) and the new user fees whether though the fees were put on paper by the DFP government while still in government. However, the UWP government implemented them at a time when the economy situation in Dominica is going through a rough time. Another factor is, former General Secretary of the DLP Patrick John, was one of the three elected votes in that constituency who nominated the UWP candidate at the Mahaut Police Station, on nomination day. It is believed that this move could bring some of the 'dieheart' labourites to vote UWP.

CaKaFete News will bring the results on Election Night.

This weekend, all three parties are having mini-rallies in the Constituency. The Freedom Party will be on the Mahaut School grounds , while the United Workers Party plans it's rally start at Despor. The Labour Party will be in Massacre.

So the final weekend campaign is into top gear and all roads will lead to the Mahaut Constituency.

Why a by-election in Mahaut, Dominica.

The story as it started

[Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party, Brian Alleyne, may give up that post and take up a job as Judge on one of the Lee Ward Islands].....

The above Headline was how we first broke the news to you on the web. Only that this breaking news was on NEWSDAY back in April, this year.

Here is a refresher of the NEWSDAY story:

Voters in the Mahaut Constituency may have to vote in a by-election soon. Their Parliament representative, Honourable Brian K. Alleyne, possible could be taking up a job as Judge in a Caribbean island.

The National Radio Station (DBS) on it's 6.00 PM major news cast on Thursday 04 April, 1996, reported that a reliable source told the News Room that, Mr. Alleyne has been offered the post of Judge for the Island of Tortola. If this should happen, votes in Roseau could see their representative Honourable Charles Savarin in the race for the leadership of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP).

Mr. Savarin, together with the late Alleyne Carbon, Honourable Charles Maynard and Honourable Brian Alleyne were once in the race for the leadership of the DFP. Mr. Alleyne was elected leader designated in 1993, by his party delegates when party leader former Prime Minister Mary Eugenia Charles decided to leave active politics. He officially became Political Leader of the DFP after the 1995 General Elections.

A follow-up story went like this:

Former trade unionist and Brussels Diplomat Charles Savarin, became the third political leader of the 28-year-old Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) on Saturday 20 April, 1996. Eighty six out of the 107 members of the party Council, voted for Mr. Savarin at a special council meeting after leader Brian K. Alleyne, submitted his resignation to the party.

It is only 11 months since the Honourable Brian Alleyne Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency for 17 years, became leader of the DFP, when Dame Mary Eugenia Charles left active politics in June, 1995.

The party's constitution allows only elected parliamentarians to be eligible as candidates for leader of the Freedom Party. There are three other elected parliamentarians, and neither of these party members, showed any interest in becoming leader of the Dominica Freedom Party. Charles Maynard who was in the last leadership race, said was he not contesting the leadership this time around. Ossie Walsh the representative for Roseau South, may be too young and inexperience and Hubert Sabroche a former school teacher, only went up as a candidate for the DFP, in the June 1995 General Election, and might not have the political experience for leader of the party. This left only the former diplomat Charles Savarin to be the most competent candidate for leadership of the party.

Political analysts here say the new leader has not gained the trust and respect of many civil servants since leaving the post of General Secretary of the Civil Service Association (CSA) and take-up a political appointment during the Freedom Party Government. Many claimed that his move was a betrayal to the working people of Dominica as a trade unionist. But General Secretary Johnson Boston of the DFP does not agree with those who say the new leader is not the right person for the party. He says that Freedomites (nick name for supporters of the party) all over Dominica have great confidence in their new leader. He went on to tell journalists at a press conference in Roseau that Mr. Saverin has the potential, the leadership material - even prime minister qualities. He also said that Mr. Saverin has shown his metal as a worker for worker's rights as a trade-unionist and as ambassador.

Media houses are reporting that the Hon. Brian Alleyne is leaving active politics because he has decided to take up a top legal post in Totola. However, Mr. Alleyne told journalists on Monday 15 April, 1996, that he had decided before now, that this was his last term in politics; he says that he wants to pay more attention to his family and his profession.

The year 2000 would give the former DFP leader, 20-years in politics. He said that if his party (DFP) had won the 1995 General Elections, he would step down at the end of the five term, because 20 years of his life was enough in politics.

Mr. Saverin told news reporters one day before coming leader of the DFP that, his immediate priority as leader would be the reconstruction and rebuilding of the party.

Now, he is faced with his first challenge as leader of the Freedom Party to keep the Mahaut seat:

CaKaFete in May carried this story:

Former Political Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) and present Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency Brian Alleyne, is again denying rumours that he is taking a position as judge in any Caribbean island.

When he resigned as leader of the DFP in April, 1996, it was speculated that he will be taking-up the position as judge on the island of Totola; this he denied. However, he admits having discussions with the Chief Minister of the British Virgin Island on the possible appointment as a judge on that island.

Once again, Mr. Alleyne is in the news as having been named as a candidate to take the vacant position of judge on the island of St. Vincent. If this should happen, he is not welcomed there says St. Vincent's Parliamentary Opposition Unity Labour Party (ULP).

The party weekly organ, "Unity," says although it does not question Mr. Alleyne's technical skills as a potential judge, his political closeness with St. Vincent's Prime Minister Hon. James Mitchell makes him unacceptable for judicial services on that Caribbean island.

In replying to the ULP weekly issue, the veteran lawyer and former Attorney General in Dominica under the Freedom Party regime, Alleyne said that although he has not approached the bench in St. Vincent, he finds it ironic that the ULP which in the past objected to government getting involved in judicial appointments, today, that same opposition party feels it has the right to get involved in judicial appointments.

On June 22nd CaKaFete News reported the departure of Mr. Alleyne from active politics:

Dominican judge for Grenada

The rumour is over, Brian K Alleyne....finally a judge. The former Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) and Representative for the Mahaut Constituency, says he received his letter of appointment on Friday 07 June, as resident Judge on the spice island of Grenada.

Mr. Alleyne has tendered his resignation to Speaker of the Dominica House of Assembly, making way for a by-election in the constituency that he held from June 1980. The by-election is constitutionally due within 90 days from the 30th June, 1996, the date his resignation becomes effective.

The man named to run for the Mahaut seat is Johnson Boston, the DFP General Secretary, who is from the village. One of Boston's opponents in the by-election, could be Lawyer Politician, Julian Prevost, of the United Workers Party. Boston may also see Cuban trained dentist, Damien Dublin running for the Dominica Labour Party.

However, the Labour did not select Mr. Dublin for their representative in Mahaut, but Roy Shillingford who contested the 1995 General Election in that constituency and lost. CaKafete News is still awaiting profiles on the UWP and DFP candidates.

Meet the candidates

Candidate Roy Shillingford (DLP) Julian Prevost (UWP) Johnson Boston (DFP)


Johnson Boston was born in the village of Mahaut on the 30th January, 1962. He is Single, with 3 daughters; Andrisca, Alison & Trisha-Ann. Boston was educated at the Mahaut Primary School, and took Private Studies and Training Overseas. He is a professional Aquaculturist and social worker. Mr. Boston holds the position of General Secretary in the Dominica Freedom Party. His working experience started in 1979, where he worked at Dominica Coconut Product still 1987. From there, Boston worked with the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Division from 1987-90 before coming Parliamentary Secretary Ministry Community Development and Social Affairs 1990, when the DFP was re-elected to government that year. He served in that ministry until his party lost the general Eclection to the United Workers Party in 1995.


1979                 -      Member of YFM - 1979

1987-1995     -      National President YFM 

1990-present -      General Secretary DFP. 

1990-1995    -      Senator D/ca House of Assembly


1985-1989    -      Chairman of Zones 3 Caribbean Youth Conference.

1991-1992    -      Vice President Caribbean Institution for      
                               Democratic Youth.                    

1993-1994    -      President of Caribbean Institute for          
                              Democractic Youth

1995-to present -   Treasurer of Caribbean Institute for          
                                 Democractic Youth 


Vice Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union -
Representing Caribbean Area.


Venezuela, Washington, Greece, South Korea, New York, Miami, Los
Angles, Alaska, England, Austria, France, Germany,Taiwan, Brussels
and throughout the Caribbean.


Candidate for August 12th by election at Mahaut. Mr. Boston speaks of the Freedom Party's accomplishments in the constituency during his three terms in office, and of the consultative method he will use in working for his constituents should he be elected on August 12.

Mr. Boston stated the developments in the constituency under the Dominica Freedom Party.

Mahaut: the health centre was built, and with the assistance of DCP and the community, the day care pre-school was established. The home for the aged was set up, the playing field was improved and a retaining wall built. The water supply was extended to Picarty and bridges were built at Picarty and across Curry's rest River. The Mahaut, Jimmit, Tarreau Village Council was established.

Jimmit: Hartford Estate was purchased, water and power were provided and a housing estate was established, with land sold to householders at affordable prices. Concessions fuelled the establishment of ABC containers, and concession to DCP were instrumental in establishing the Refresh Company.

Massacre; A primary school and a health centre were built. The river wall and basketball court were done through self help. The bridge on the main road was replaced and the road to the health centre was surfaced.

Canefield: The Canefield Urban Council was established, a move fought by the then UWP Opposition. Roads were surfaced and drainage improved. The Industrial site and the Old Mill Cultural Centre were established, with the old mill building being refurbished. Canefield was established for a housing development.

Despor: The access road were surfaced. Power installation works begun, though these were commissioned under the current UWP regime. The abandoned road from Canefield to Point Casse were reconstructed, and the Despor, Campbell road was started with self help work.

Warner: the primary school and health centre were built, and the road from the Warner junction into the village was surfaced. Phase three of DOWASCO's water extension programme, initiated by the DFP government, includes water for Warner.

Campbell: the primary school and the health centre were built. the road from the Mahaut Credit Union to Campbell Health centre was surfaced and the road was extended to the village through self help. The Campbell, Despor village council was established.

Tarreau: Power was extended to the community and a crossing built. Inmates of the leprosy home were put in their own homes and integrated into the community, the water supply was extended and through public assistance, some street lights were installed.

As for his style of serving constituents, should he be elected Parliamentary Representative, Mr. Boston speaks of close consultation with councils and development committees and PTAs and church leaders and youth groups and sporting associations, all this time with a view to coming up with work able programmes for job opportunities and for all round development.

End DPF Candidate

Issues from the Dominica Labour Party campaign leaflets


Current world economic trends demands that competition for markets know no preference or favour. Latin America and other Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Santo Doming and Haiti are high quality, low cost producers. DCP - now owned by Colgate Palmolive faces serious competition and will only survive if government is committed to providing incentives that allow the company to meet competitive challenges head on. This government has no such commitment. Even when computers were donated to the Mahaut school so that students could acquire better technical skills - a portion were garbed by the government for their own purposes. Rather than seek other computers to improve the schools on the island, they want to deprive Mahaut children of equipment that was donated to them. The Mahaut area could be the manufacturing nucleus of Dominica , while the natural resources in the Warner-Campbell Sylvenia environment can also develop into a lucrative Eco-tourism Centre. But only a caring, innovative government - a labour Government can make this a reality. Labour stand for investments and development.

Today the UWP is hoping they can win the By election to impose the 100% increase in users fees at the hospital. We must not be fooled. They have put our country under IMF bondage just when the Antiguan Labour Government has rejected the IMF option.


The Labour Party, working as a team, present Roy Shillingford a son of the soil - as part of a dynamic team. As an accountant, musician and former sportsman he is a well rounded family man who we are proud to work with. He will fight for justice and development, jobs and prosperity for Mahaut constituency with the Labour Party Team headed by Rosie Douglas MP.

We believe the people of Mahaut hold the key to our island future. A victory for labour means a vote of "no confidence" in the UWP Government. We will press on from a victory in Mahaut to campaign for a new general election as soon as possible. The UWP will destroy our country before its five year term is up so we have a patriotic duty to get rid of them through new elections as soon a possible. A win for the UWP will be more economic misery for the people, more abuse for our democratic rights, more contract for their friends and more open corruption. Therefore we ask for a mandate from the people to give us the legitimate right to take our country back from this group of corrupt and arrogant liars. we make no apology for saying that, over this past year, the UWP have demonstrated they are not fit to govern our country.

This By election in Mahaut constituency has been called because, only a year after the general election, Brian Alleyne has decided the going is too tough and that the Freedom Party has no future in Dominica so he has resigned. Labour welcomes this opportunity to rescue our country from the economic crisis into which it has been plunged by the corrupt and bankrupt UWP Government. We proudly introduce our candidate known to everyone in Mahaut - Roy Shillingford.

Roy is an Accountant as well as a musician, former sportsman and family man. He is known as a man of integrity and honesty. Qualities in short supply in this discredited UWP Government and will be a welcome addition to public life.

After his selection as candidate for the Dominica Labour Party, Roy said, "This is a chance for the people of Mahaut to speak for Dominica as a whole. It is a chance to reject the corruption and economic chaos which is the hallmark of this government. It is a chance to find a new way forward for Dominica. A labour victory will be just a start. We will campaign for fresh General Elections so a new Labour Government can begin the job of bringing new investment, new jobs and new hope to our country."

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