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President Liverpool

Late Former, Prime Minister
Pierre Charles

Former President of Dominica
His Excellency President Vernon Lorden Shaw

President of Dominica Dominica's fifth president since obtaining Independence in 1978, Vernon Lorden Shaw took his oath of office Tuesday October 06, at the State House. Shaw, a retired civil servant was elected to the post by the House of Assembly on Friday October 2, 1998. The Acting Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court His Lordship, the Honorable Dennis Byron, sworn Mr. Shaw in as President of Dominica. Some of the officials who attended the ceremony included Prime Minister and Misses Edison James, the Cabinet of Dominica, His Lordship Justice Dunbar Cenac, former Presidents and Prime Ministers, the Speaker and members of the Dominica Parliament and members of the Diplomatic Corp among others. Sixty-eight-year-old Shaw comes to the office of President after a long and distinguished career in the Public Service of Dominica, culminating in his appointment as Secretary to the Cabinet of Dominica and Head of the Public Service in 1977. Previous to this, he held the office of Chief Establishment Officer for six years. During the period 1967 to 1971, he held the office of Permanent Secretary. In 1978, he was appointed Ambassador at large and Inspector of Missions, and since 1973, he has held the office of Chairman on the Public Service Board of Appeal. Address: President's office, Morne Bruce Commonwealth of Dominica.


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