Address to the nation by the President of Dominica on the occassion of it's 18th anniversary of Independence.

President of Dominica His Excellency Crispin Anselm Sorhaindo OBE..
President of Dominica

It is a pleasure for me to send this message to all citizens and residents of the Commonwealth of Dominica, on the occasion of the observance of National Day, the 18th Year of Independence of our country.

The theme selected for this year's observance is: "Serving with Pride and Dignity". In recent times we have heard a lot about service as it relates to our fellowmen, or to our nation; as it relates to a particular sector of the economy, the service sector.

In relation to the growing tourism industry, service has particular significance for us. We hear that the industry will disappear if we do not quickly improve our level or service.

In all its applications service requires that the servant, the one who serves, seeks to satisfy the one who is served. Service which does not have as its object the good of him being served, service which is given grudgingly or haughtily or arrogantly or sloppily, is not only bad service but no service at all.

It is for this reason that we need to learn from the greatest servant of all time, the Suffering Servant, Christ Himself, whose service was selfless, whose service was given out of love for humanity, given with humility.

In serving our Nation and our brothers and sisters no matter in what capacity we serve let each one of us emulate Christ. Only then shall we appreciate the true meaning of service. Only then shall we appreciate that Pride as it relates to service connotes neither haughtiness nor subservience and that Dignity as it relates to service connotes neither superiority nor arrogance.

I end my message with a quotation from our National Prayer

"and for the rich heritage of our people coming from many races and yet one in purpose, in achievement, and in destiny; and for the dignity of labour and the service given by every citizen of our land - We give Thee thanks, O God."

Happy Anniversary.

Crispin Anselm Sorhaindo

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